Currently living in Brazil, I have an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science from Instituto Federal de Santa Catarina and also started a Bachelor’s Degree in Design from Universidade do Vale do Itajaí.

Since very young, I was always attracted by Arts and Business. The first one because of my contact with cartoons and videogames, creating then interest in illustration, writing and music. The second one because of my habit of reselling soccer and fantasy cards to my friends, creating then interest in negotiation, market and investment. All subjects that would only make real sense years after, but definitely was part of my life from the very beginning.

At 15 I got accepted into IFSC, which expanded my perception and evolved my interests into Design and Entrepreneurship. Three years later I choose the first option to apply for a university, but knowing that the second one would always be part of my life too.

Working since high school, I developed projects at some places like IFSC Labs and Student Body, Tatticas Publicidade e PropagandaProcave Investimentos e Incorporações, Perestroika, Aerolito and Niña Data, while working as a freelancer too. During this period I attended to some courses, immersions, workshops and talks from some institutions like TEDx, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, FLAGCX, Perestroika, Aerolito and University of Virginia.

I also made with people that I admire some other projects like Likedoodles (clothing and accessories label), Could Be About (event production agency) that after became Algo (experience design and content creation studio), Banned (urban lifestyle multicultural collective), CCRR (relatively relevant content sharing discussion group), Perestour - Potencial Catarinense (Perestroika’s expansion prototype project) and Tresquartos (human based engineering, architecture and design pop-up studio).

For me, all these areas and projects basically consists in develop the layer that connects complexity to people. And I'm all about doing it in a meaningful way. I utterly think there's not a kind of a project as I celebrate the lack of definition. Projects born and die and incredible things happens between it. The sweetspot is to be in or create an environment to grow as a person and build amazing things with awesome people.

The last thing the world needs is more computer scientists, designers and entrepreneurs. The world needs people who give a damn.


University of Virginia
Course, Digital Product Management
May 2018 / Jun 2018

Course, Product Management Fundamentals
Apr 2018

Course, Friends of Tomorrow - Future of Work, Post-Internet Revolutions and Futurism
Mar 2017

Course, Creative Entrepreneurship - Business after Digital Revolution
Nov 2015

Course, Decoding - Human Behavior and Data Science
Oct 2015

Immersion, Translators of Disruption - Current Mindset of Adaptation to Change
Sep 2015

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Workshop, Hacking the Creative Process through Neuroscience
May 2015

Universidade do Vale do Itajaí
Bachelor's Degree, Design (Incomplete)
Mar 2012 / Jul 2013

Instituto Federal de Santa Catarina
Associate's Degree, Computer Science
Jul 2009 / Jul 2012


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Niña Data
Data Analyst
Brasília / Brazil
Apr 2018 / Present

Designer & Project Developer
Various Locations / Brazil
Feb 2015 / Nov 2017

Procave Investimentos e Incorporações
Creative Assistant
Balneário Camboriú / Brazil
Sep 2013 / Nov 2014

Tatticas Publicidade e Propaganda
Art Assistant
Itajaí / Brazil
Jul 2012 / Mar 2013

Grêmio Estudantil IFSC
Student's Body Chief Communication Officer
Camboriú / Brazil
Jul 2011 / Mar 2012

Design Intern
Camboriú / Brazil
Oct 2009 / Jul 2011